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ECW World Tag Team and Television Champion Rob Van Dam

Cactus Jack [1994]
I didn’t realize this, but Cactus’ t-shirts always said “Wanted DEAD” on them prior to his time in the WWE. At his stand-up show, he explained that he liked the old shirts because they made him seem a little more crazy.

The Sandman Vs. Raven [1996]
There are a billion photos from ECW that help you understand just how much passion and brutality the company dispelled. This is one of those photos. The feud between The Sandman and Raven began as a series of matches, but when The Sandman started picking up victories, the master manipulator Raven started using tactical head games to gain the advantage over his opponent. First, The Sandman’s wife, Lori, started cheating on him with Raven. This was hard enough for The Sandman, but when The Sandman’s son started showing up to shows dressed as Raven, it started to hit home and the mental stability of The Sandman started to diminish.
This was such a well-written angle. Firstly, the idea of a man losing his wife to someone else hits home for anyone watching, but when your child starts calling the other guy “dad” and starts behaving like him, it fucking kills. Everyone has either experienced this or knows someone who has, so when this started to come to a head, people were able to identify with it, and the fairweather fans knew who to side with. There were no “tweeners” in this feud, and that’s incredible booking.